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Sick of the. Visual disturbance now anyone any tips please als I keep thinking is tumor

Not seen my blue dot for about 2 days then boom am in the work van on way to work and I have seen it around 5 times on my foot leg etc its realy annoying my because it makes me panic obv for some reason I. An handle the floaters but ther bad when it's bright also I have noticed seeing quite a few dots out corner of my eyes is this called seeing the veins in your eyes help

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Hello John :-)

Now if it was a BT you would have seriously had one by now or you would go down in medical history :-/

Have you done anything about stopping smoking that funny stuff to be polite because you know that won't be helping and could be the cause even if you are only doing it now and again

Take Care x

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Thanks bounce and I don't smoke it I snorted it I love a drink in a groind worker everyone here loves a drink am just staying away from the stuff will feel better and have more money lol xx


Hello John

Well smoke it snort it whichever you do will not do you any good , you have to stop away from these things they no doubt will be adding to your anxiety as well as how you feel , but only you can make that decision to say no :-) x

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Hi John,

I have written to you before about my eye issues. Just to let you know I do not smoke, drink or take drugs. I do also see the blue dot, sometimes it's yellow. I see flashing lights from the corner of my eyes and in front. I have a lot of floaters and yes definitely a lot more obvious with a lighter background. I have heard a lot of people talk about seeing the blue dot. I have had all the tests you could possibly think of and they cannot find anything wrong.

I can't see drinking and smoking causing the blue dot but certainly wouldn't help with your anxiety.


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