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I need help

I know Ive been on this site and Ive posted a lot,its just I really have no support from others other than "it's nothing,other have it worse".Im scared mostly because I feel that when people are talking,I know who they are its just I dont feel in touch with them,like they are strangers,I dont think their voice is actually their voice. Its scary and it freaks me out. Im scared about psychosis and I want to know what should I do to stop this madness. Im agitated,at night my only thought is that Im crazy,this is it,im going to forget everything and Im going to be insane. I really dont know what to do. Ive been to the doctor,Ive been diagnosed with hypethyroid and she also sent me to a psychiatrist for my sleeping problems and I have to wait some more for my visit to the psychiatrist and I just cant take it anymore. Its hard and I want to jump ship. My relationship with my bf is falling apart because of me insisting I have schizofrenia and I dont know what to do. I want to feel real and I want to feel people around me. I dont want to be a robot. I want to be old me. I dont feel like me anymore,my life is not made for living now,just for surviving. Im not living at all,Im just surviving another day. Am I going crazy? What is wrong with me? Please help me,I need someone to understand this

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