Can people sense what will happen?

I have been getting these strange feeling like when I think about something, it usually happens. I start to get feelings like something bad will happen? This really scares me a lot. Like when I'm walking from school, I feel like something is going to happen to me. Like I'm going to run into a big dog that will bite me and cause a injury. I can't really sleep, no matter how hard I pray, I can't seem to get my mind at ease. My eyelids twitch sometimes which makes me afraid as well. I keep getting pains on the left side of my chest, not sure if it was because I ate re-fried beans and they were cooked with lard. My heartbeat's also feel irregular. Like it beats fine until the next beat is hard, or I also feel like two beats happen in a second. Or when I'm resting my heartbeat slows down, but once I start to move like my arms or legs or just stand up and start walking, my heartbeat races up as if I were jogging, then it calms down after a few seconds. My breathing aslo gets slightly strange. Like sometimes I'm able to breath fine but then it feels like I have something wrapped around me like a rubber band. And this scares me so I start to breath harder from my mouth but then it feels like I just breathed in water after a few moments. And then this leads to my throat and jaw feeling strange. I was also wonder if anyone smells blood. Like when you breath you just catch a scent of blood. I just want this to stop. I'm not sure if it's anxiety or if its something else.


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  • Hi there you are going to be ok. Anxiety does cause a "premonition" "something bad will happen" kind of feeling. Alot. Its hard for people with anxiety because it feels very real to us. Then the physical symptoms come too. Anxiety distorts our thoughts and even our senses at times but can only strengthen its hold by scaring us. Be brave. Anxiety is not easy to deal with but it can & does get better. We are all here to help each other with this.

  • I had all the same symptoms when my anxiety was at its peak. I'm so sorry, it is completely miserable. Anxiety manifests itself in the body in the strangest ways that unfortunately just make the anxiety worse. Don't worry, you're okay and nothing bad is going to happen :)

  • I've bee there, all the symptoms, and even more. First thing I have done was to stop searching on google for my symptoms. If it's after google we should be dead in a matter of days :). I do not know why but first the search results are always the most catastrophic diseases that one can have. If you have been to the doctor and said you are ok, then you are. Stop searching for symptoms. When I was in my worst period I was developing symptoms as soon as I would found out about them. I have to be onest with you, for me, the only thing that worked was medication for anxiety, but what is nice about this was that the second day I took my medication all the symptoms were gone. Since then it has been a while, I cut the medication after only two months, and now I am ok. I still get sometimes the symptoms back, but now i know that is my old <friend> the anxiety and just let the pass. You will gone be fine!

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