All is Well with the Dodo

I haven't been able to eat but can drink Ovaltine last few days but feel fine . Been in the Garden cleaned kitchen windows cut some grass but started to feel a bit weak and dizzy so leaving it till I can eat. I think the fruit I been buying isn't as fresh as it used to be. I watched a program where store houses can now freeze the fruit making it last longer but the trouble is soon as bad bacteria gets in I cant eat it and I will be sick for days as it irritates my esophugus. So must leave fruit out of my smoothies.


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  • Hello

    You sound like you have been quiet busy today , but you are right to take a step back if you were feeling exhausted :-)

    I don't think most fresh foods are as fresh as they make out to be and you do have to be careful but I am pleased you are managing Olvaltine , I remember years ago when you were of your food the older generation would swear by a mug of Olvatine and how good it was for you :-)

    Hope you have had a peaceful evening :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi Dodo, Wow, you certainly did a lot of physical work today. Even though you felt weak and a little dizzy because of not eating, it still must make you feel good to accomplish some things. I actually feel better when I can see the things I've done for the day instead of just the routine chores, which doesn't show. I eat and yet I get dizzyheaded when doing some strenuous work. A little at a time, that's the answer. Well you certainly should reward yourself tonight with a chocolate Ovaltine. Hope it helps you sleep better. Take care.

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