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I Would like to share with all of you my Weekend's victory.

I'm a really anxious woman, and sometimes I give up to do some things because of that. In last weekend happens a meeting with my former colegues of university. Only this already makes anxious, but the meeting was also in another city and I need ask for ride for a friend than i don't see personaly in some time.

I managed to overcome all this obstacles, went on this meeting and had a pleasure weekend. So thats my lesson today: I can won from my anxiety, and when I do that, my life will be better and funnier

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Well done you, and great to hear some good news :) Gemma XXx

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PaulaL, what a bright and uplifting story. I'm so happy for you. Continued success in having a better and funnier life x

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What a lovely post this is and I enjoyed reading about your Victory over Anxiety , Well done :-) I hope it long continues , remember today and how you proved you can win over anxiety if you ever doubt again :-)

Take Care x

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