Breathing problems

So this started about 9 days ago i feel like im haveing trouble breathing but im raking 14-16 breaths a min i can talk walk and work without getting winded. Im hoping its all due to anxiety i feel like i just cant breath through my nose i feel like i have to take a deep breath every 5 or 6 breaths to try to fufill a good one its scarying me i feel like my lungs are just going to stop i had testicular cancer last july and have had chest xrays every two to three months since then. The more i focus on my breath the worse it is. I breath normal through the night atleast i think so. Idk what to do here like i said im scared to death. My allergies are acting up to. My heart rate stays the same


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  • Hey just relax, look you're alive and well and you seem to be okay so hang on to that 😊 don't get flustered and may God bless you

  • I have the same trouble from time to time due to my anxiety. I feel like I can't get a good breath in and when I focus on it, it is worse. I don't think it bothers me at night either. I figure if it did it would wake me or keep me up.

  • Hi lyn21, It doesn't sound like sleep apnea. Usually feeling like you can't get a good breath in is due to anxiety. The diaphragm tightens up because of our fears making it hard to expand in order to take that full breath. The more we try the tighter it gets. The best thing to do is not to focus on it. Some people may think it's their lungs that are the problem but it's not.

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