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DP/DR,feeling like im crazy

I got my hyperthiroidism confirmed. I have treatment and Ive been sent to a psychiatrist for my sleep problems. But not I have other thoughts. What if I have some sort of mental illness that will make me lose my mind step by step. I mean,I have this unfamiliar feeling that no one,nothing around me is familiar,not even me when I look in the mirror.It scares me to death. I know who Im talking to,but I feel so detached and its scary,it feels like im losing it,like Im going to die. Its very unpleasant. I think my DP/DR are caused by my lack of sleep. For the last 2 months my average hours of sleep are 2-3 per night,sometimes more,sometimes none. I feel exhausted and I just want to sleep. I have these dying thoughts,I feel like it would be better if I just die. But I dont want to. I feel like the world is a scary place because I might lose it in the middle of the street or something. Everyone told me that I cannot be schizofrenic,because that is my biggest fear. Please,people who experienced DP/DR,answer me: does anyone feels like nothing in familiar,not even people around you? Its scary. Does anyone else feels very disoriented? Does anyone else feels like they are on the edge of losing it,of dying or of going crazy? Also,I have random moments in the day where my DP/DR are more intense than usual,it feels like im in another dimension. Do I sound crazy?

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You don't sound crazy. You sound like you're dealing with derealisation 24/7. eventually it wears down your mind and seems to get worse and worse. but it isn't leading up to you "going crazy" or "dying" otherwise I would be dead by now, hahaha. Here are some things that will definitely help with derealisation

-having a daily routine

-challenging yourself to be around friends/positive people, especially people who can make you laugh

-making sure you're eating enough

-try taking a melatonin at night, it is a natural sleep supplement and it's totally safe

-stay active as much as you can

-write in a journal about how you feel

-see a cognitive behavioral therapist

-retrain your brain to think POSITIVELY instead of negatively

-DON'T try to ignore it, instead try to accept that you have it, it isn't dangerous, and live with it.

Think of how you felt before the anxiety and derealisation. derealisation is not a degenerative disease, meaning it does not permanently change your brain. If you went from the way you felt before to the way you feel now, your brain can go from the way you feel now to the way you felt then. you can get yourself back 100%


Thank you for replying.

Still,I have this question,what if nothing is real at all? It makes me anxious,very anxious.

And I have this sensation Im crazy . Really,I have moments in day when I have a blank mind,I can barely think of something and I feel insane,like what normal human feels this way. Or I have a bizzare thought and I feel like Im the craziest. I wonder if Im going to forget all people and everything. I feel crazy,I feel bad and I dont know what to do or why do I feel this way. Maybe I am crazy and insane and its starting to show.


So dp/dr is 100% curable?


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