Here I go again 😟

Ok so I've been more or less like my old self for just over a week, I haven't even needed my medication and hid it away in my cupboard (out of site out of mind kinda thing) until me and my husband went out for a lovely meal last night and I was doing fine until it was like something said to me "you need to be anxious your in a place you don't normally go to, your usually all nervous and anxious" (sounds nuts I know) but then I started my anxiety, I had to take myself to bed when I got home I tried not to take my medication, I thought I was strong enough to go without n fight it on my own. But I woke up this morning feeling shakes, drained and very tired. I couldn't get myself off the couch to go into work at dinner, my body felt heavy n weak. I ended up takin my medication, which eventually worked a little bit. I still feel like shit now and I've yet again had to take myself to bed to rest. I'm so down and feel so sad, I honestly thought I was improving and that my anxiety was slowly going. Today I felt like I've been hit by a train,I felt like I wasn't breathing properly and that having a conversation with somebody was hard work and tiring. I've been feeling horrible all day. As anybody had really good few days then boom it hits you again? If so how long till you was back in your feet again? I was doing so so well in controlling my anxiety, breathing and just going with it till I calmed down, but last 2 days it seemed to be here a lot stronger and took over me and controlling me :( it's hard as my husband doesn't understand what I'm going through so I feel like I'm trying to fight this on my own right now 😢 Xx


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3 Replies

  • Hi Melanie, I certainly know what you mean and I would bet that everyone of us has been through this. Having a nice time being out and something triggers our thought to "panic". It is frustrating and wearing. Anxiety is a very lonely disorder. Thankful for this site. Amazing people. Feel better soon. xx

  • Hopefully you feel better, hang in there and yes we all have felt that way but don't worry you'll get back up on your feet 😊 we're all here for you and may God bless you

  • It's hard when not even your husband doesn't support you or understand what ur going through, I'm feeling very alone right now, I've had go in spare room as yet again we've argued over my anxiety, I'm so upset.he hasn't got a clue what I'm going through, feel so alone right now, and I think it's jmaking things worse that my own husband isn't there for me 😢 Xx

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