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Wide awake and its 3 am

I couldn't eat or drink all day and most of this night only now am I managing liquids. I should of seen my Surgeon on the 25 but because I felt so weak and ill I cancelled. So I hope I get another appointment soon because I have been getting far to much trouble, its getting I am only eating a few days or nights and I now feel the liquids squeezing through my sphincter or esophugus. I am so pleased right now,

I remember when the surgeon sent me home with my stomach completely shut off and went 6 days without fluids all because they didn't give me a barium meal I was out of my mind by the time I got to hospital.

Hope your all well as can be. I am a bit lonely but it will pass and would rather be on my own sounds mad but true.

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We're all here for you man, you're never alone and hopefully you get some sleep and feel okay (:

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Hi Dodo, I'm sorry you had to cancel your surgeon's appointment but understand. Sometimes we are just to sick to even see a doctor. We missed hearing from you. Hoping you start doing better with drinking again. Wishing you well. Take care.

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Hope you feel better soon, this forum is great so many people just like us giving comfort and support. It's wonderful😊 I wish you well Lynn


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