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Think of it like this if u think your dying or were dying your still here right? Good thing is your reading this your still alive buddy fears that roam around in your thoughts are Just that thoughts fears,fears are are not real not your future fears are your greatest things that you don't wanna happened and the things you are SCARED of fears that come from googling symptoms that fear can't be what it said no it's not life threatening because your still alive reading this y not step out in faith say fuck off death fuck off fear fuck off doubt fuck off that little bad voice in your mind that's worrying you up, cuz our father in heaven can defeat death and any other obstacles lift your chins and poke your chest out with all your might be proud that your the son/of GOD say u can't touch me without my HOLY father's permission. Fear at the end of the day is man's worst nightmare and that is to die but y fear something that's not gonna Last.f ear god instead have faith it doesn't matter if you don't see God faith is not about seeing it's about believing ,u woke up today didn't you,you eat u laugh eat breath that's a blessing.

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Some good sentiments in your post there and very true if we are reading this we are still here :-/

Not everyone believes in God that is a personally thing as well as an individual choice but I am pleased you can draw strength from your believes :-)

Hope you got some sleep and have a lovely day :-)

Take Care x


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