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A little about me

Hi I am 26 years old. Mother of two boys one is 5 he is Autistic and I have a 15month old. I have suffered anxiety attacks aver since 3-4years ago. I can feel fine for a few months then I fall back. I get very scared at the smallest pain I get specially if it has to do something with my arm falling asleep. I also suffer from varicose and spider veins. It's horrible to live this way. I wish I was stronger. I do feel a bit better knowing I'm not alone tips are always welcomed. I don't have a family doctor but I have a great friend, Jesus. I am a Christian and it helps a lot to know Jesus. My unconditional friend .

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Please try and not be afraid that is what feeds the anxiety the fear but I know when we feel it it can be very hard not to feel afraid

Is there anything different that is happening in your life when this happens or pressure you feel under ?

Looking after two small Children can be very stressful , I hope you get some me time :-)

Is there any chance or getting to see a Doctor ?

I know for some having a strong faith can help but I suppose if there is a God he has had a hand in making sure we have Doctors because he knows we need them sometimes :-)

Keep coming on and talking about how you feel , knowing you are not alone and always someone to listen :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you, I guess it's true like u said it is very stressful and I hardly get me time. Then again I can be calm and relaxing and all of a sudden my chest hurts but funny when I feel anxious it helps to imidietly the pressure goes away I can breathe normal then minutes later comes back


Anxiety can be a very powerful thing

After years of suffering I thought I knew just how powerful it could be till there was a upset last year and all of a sudden I started with the most dreadful indigestion I have ever had so much so that I thought this has to be something !

I finally went and had an investigation to see what was happening and it showed everything looked ok , thank goodness and it was anxiety brought on by the upset causing the problems , even I after all these years had to sit up and think wow how powerful can anxiety be and it has really showed me it is big when it rears it's ugly head , and yes I thought I was dealing with the upset and not as anxious as I obviously have been so it can give symptoms even when we think we are calm

As long as you have been checked out and physically given the all clear I think we then have to accept this is anxiety and work on ways on how and what is going to work for us to be free from this :-) x


You are not alone..i was a christian and walked away..ive been thinking its time to go back and God will stop the attacks..but reading your post obv not, im also 26..have a look at my post its a couple above yours with a pic of me and my son who also has autism..i hope you find some comfort in my post.your not alone. Yours sincerly

Jack mullan.

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Keep having faith in God and don't lose hope and don't be scared by anything, we all have fears and its normal, but don't let your anxiety fool you or put unnecessary thoughts inside of you

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Thank you Alan amen. It's nice to hear from Christian bothers


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