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Up all night

Nothing is bothering me I am content I am drinking my smoothie ok and sucking on kitkats but these past months i watch the day break . I might nod off for a couple of hours Later .

Thank you all for your replies their much appreciate. Where I live I have a bad name for being nuts and not many talk to me or even acknowledge me but to be honest i love ot because to much drama makes me ill. So many two faced most are sharks trying to get what they can. Drug dealers and loan sharks get more respect than people who try and do good. Things are slowly changing because police are cracking down.

I feel good now and thats whats important like you said Alan live for today . Since keeping to myself i have been more content if it wasn't for this disease i have I think I would be even more happy but Achalasia stops you from eating out cant visit because I suffer Asthma and people smoke heavily including skunk which would definitely start my asthma off. I do feel my life is now more controlled by my diseases and aanxiety but somewhhere I am finding the strength to carry on and thats saying something after all I have been through lol well got that of my chest for now. Take care all. Unil next time.

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That was a heartwarming post. "Live for today because we are not guaranteed tomorrow". Goodnight Dodo.....


Yes Agora I am definitely learning about living for today specially after having that asthma attack i am not going to worry about things that may never happen.

I have just made somw crackers and pate and my smoothie looking forward to some TV been drinking ovaltine and I am feeling good hope your feeling thesame way.


Dodo, sounds like a good evening for you. I hope you are able to sleep well tonight after your Ovaltine. Gee, I haven't had that in a long time but I do remember how comforting it was. Stay well. x

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I sometimes think that if you do wrong you seem to be better of but then again I would rather do what is right as my anxiety could not take it but it does get to you sometimes when you see these people that do not deserve it get more respect !

Nice to hear though that the police are starting to clamp down on them and so they should !

You know the people that think you are nuts , I think they are , think about it what kind of decent person would mock or be cruel to a decent human being like yourself who may have problems but so have they by behaving this way , they are the one's in the wrong and not you , please try and ignore them , you know you are not alone we all must be nuts as we suffer with anxiety and other MH problems and there are thousands of us on here but we are good people and we are trying to do something about it unlike them they will never be good because they lack compassion !

So fingers up to them I say and I hope you are having a good day :-)

Take Care x


Yes, stay away from drama, finding peace far outweighs any outing. You might try staying away from chocolate and caffeine after about noon. You will sleep better. 😘


I am try but I am a creature of habits but slowly cutting down or I will suffer the consequences in the end.


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