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My son uses Cannabis

  I know its more for medicinal than recreational. He suffers terribly with anxiety the Doctor's put him on propanalol but he hates the side affect. How many on this site uses illegal drugs to help the cope with this debilitating illness ? 

I think our government should now legalize it because many use alcohol to help but we all know its more harmful. 

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Cannabis has a reputation for increasing anxiety and causing various mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression. I have never tried it and I agree that people use alcohol to self medicate all the time without there being laws against it and used in sufficient quantities it is probably equally as harmful. However I wouldn't have thought from my knowledge that cannabis would help with his anxiety. 



I have a "friend who also used the biss to ease his medical condition .the trouble is all the "stuff on it (keep u coming back) .

Also some of the chemicals used in the growing prosess can cause ANXIETY .

If you need to use to ease the pain you are not alone/no 1 can judge your issue and tell you whats working only you know whats working .

Also note that "smoking" it IS very harmfull/vp 100 vaporiser (medical method of intake) and stops the nastys (not burning it) .it has been passed as a bill and is looking for legalisation by the end of 2016 :peace and love 

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Hello. Marijuana actually caused my anxiety and dp/dr. I wouldnt recommend it for anyone with high anxiety, ,just because there is that risk


It started my anxiety and dp too very scary time for me


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