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Anxious & sinus issues...? Fed up . Any natural remedies ? 🙊


I'm getting over sinus issues currently. The weather over here is crazy . anyways , I have the following issues , ears stuffy , sinus drainage, runny nose , heavy breathing, acid reflux ( may not be related but whatever lol) , blah feeling/mind fog ( off & on )  & the most bothersome at the moment , sore neck & upper back. That's the thing though . I can't tell if it's sinus issues or simply anxiety, with my neck & back. I Bend down to get something or look at anything then my neck gets sore. I remember once I looked at my phone for a bit & looked back up & the tv & felt my sinuses draining. Then sometimes I move my arms to do whatever & my upper back aches ..feels tense . I was harping on this neck issue though , it's uncomfortable. I went to google to look up the neck issue & now I'm in panic mode.  I hate this. I'm gonna leave Google alone..but I do want to know what's the deal on my neck & remedies for it 😞😒

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I know how you feel. I have allergies 365 days a year! and it is awful. Neck and back could be because you are stressed out right now. I get that tension there and ask my daughter for a message to relief the pressure and tightness. I would take some herbal tea like peppermint with ginger root (just a little bit) to help sooth your throat. I take antihistamines for my allergies. Now, if you have no fever and no pain on the bones of your face, this is probably allergy related, not sinuses. When I get sinus infection, I need antibiotics. Don't use Google, just come to the chat to calm down your nerves and we'll help you walk this path of fear and discomfort.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Hi, I too have a lot of sinus issues...ear fullness, and headaches..a lot of them.  I had a CT scan of the sinus and found that my sinus tubes are half the size of the normal drainage tube, therefore, I get a lot of pain...took years for them to do that.  Answered a lot of questions for me.  Also, I have like a stiff neck up to the back of my head...I find myself holding my neck and head stiff a lot from stress.  I use heat and lineament.  Helps a little . Hope your day is better.


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