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Feeling out of control!?

That feeling I get when im anxious about talking when in a group...or around to many people. Its like 2 people i am with are talking to eachother but im not there im somewhere else lol. I try to follow conversation but find it impossible some words i may pick up and maybe i laugh but i just look like a freak and prob looking lost. What is that feeling?? 

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You're probably just concentrating on other things lol or your own mind wonders 


No its not like that its almost like im living in a bubble.. i think it could be derealization. So scarey 


If you are anxious around people, the first move would be to learn to stay calm. If you are in any state of anxiety, you are in a different state of reality and automatically not be thinking logically.      Why are you anxious ? Is it  a matter of self confidence and you are scared that you may say the wrong/silly statement ?   Are there certain people you are ok with ?  When did this first happen ?  There might have been an initial situation that has caused this feeling around others.                                                                                             As a starter, you perhaps could , before going out, play out in your head a few times, the perfect situation, where you are participating in the conversation, taking the time to listen to others and others listening to you - play this out in your head several times.....this sets the mind up to do just this. Because you are using your imagination, the mind believes this has happened anyway. It connects up the right neurals in your brain to re-enact this more naturally..... and stay calm.  Breathe slowly and easily and stand up straight and above all SMILE- this all gets the right chemicals rushing around your system. If you are calm, you cannot panic- the two do not exist side by side. 

Hope this helps .     

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