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Completely had enough now

 I'm convinced I have cancer. I have had various symptons so will list them all and hope someone can help me.

I wouldn't say its pain but the feeling you know something isn't right. These have been ongoing for months and months now.

Shiulder pain

Collar bone pain

Stomach pain

Back pain

Aching all over

Bllod in stool once but was a big poo.

Hot flushes

Weird red dots on skin

Marking like scars on skin

Gained weight

And to top it all off I have a lump on my back spotted today dosent hurt although my missues says it look like an insect bite of some sort.

I have had chest xrays and bloods taken a coulpe of times all clear, going for an ultrasound scan in two weeks. 

Everytime I raise these symptons with the doctors they claim not to worry. I was on citapalone for 6 months but stopped taking them. I dont want to be on drugs. I feel like I'd be better off dead sometimes.  

I feel like my time is coming to an end now

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Hi Michael,  I understand how worried you must be in feeling you now have cancer.  This is an irrational thought that you are having, which may be from stopping your medication cold. Usually after several days, unless put on another medication, the medicine is no longer at an effective dose in your system and the anxiety will break through.  I've looked back through the last 10 months of your posts and see that this health anxiety has existed at least that long.  Do you even remember what might have prompted your health concerns back then?  The positive points that you have going for you are that your doctors have done some tests and are not worried about your health.  As for your list of symptoms, I don't see anything that really causes concern although you should run this by your doctor if you haven't already.  These are generalized symptoms of just being human.   The difference is the anxious person focuses in on every single thing making the problem grow.  One point I'd like to make and that is usually when a person has cancer, one of the first signs is LOSING weight not gaining.  I wish you well with your upcoming ultrasound in 2 weeks.  After the results of the scan, it might be wise for you to receive some therapy for your anxiety as well as talk with your doctor about an alternative to medication.  Meanwhile try to tune out your symptoms, don't look for trouble instead use some deep breathing and positive meditation techniques.  Nothing drastic is going to happen while you wait 2 weeks for your scan.  Continue coming on the forum to get the support you need and to let our your worries.  


The stomach pain, back pain, shoulder pain, collarbone pain, hot flushes and aching all over is anxiety as I used to get it all the time and panic attacks but you need to reassure yourself that you are ok and that it's anxiety and nothing sinister. 


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