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Off balance/ stiff neck

The past two weeks I've felt really off balance, any little movement I do even down to tapping my foot I feel really woozy, it's not dizzy like things are moving, it's my head and I feel quite weak in my legs. I've had a really stiff neck with it too? I'm not on any medication

Could this be part of anxiety? Or should I go to the doctors to have it checked out. 

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I would go to the Doctors and see what they have to say , tell them all your symptoms and get checked out :-)

Take Care x


I feel like this too. No medication. My neck is really stiff and my vision is weird making me feel dizzy. If I walk too much I gotta lay down cause I get really dizzy. I don't even know if I'd call it dizzy I just feel really weird. I don't have vertigo but my eyes make it seem like I'm dizzy. Anyway I hope it's anxiety. I've gotten a lot of tests done. If you're falling over then get a doctor to check your ears, otherwise it sounds like we're in a similar situation.

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Yeah I wouldn't say mine was dizzy either, it's more a feeling like when you're drunk... I feel like my blood pressure drops a lot when I stand. But I've had it all tested, and an MRI of my brain and 4 ECGS of my heart plus 2 chest X-rays kinda running out of things to be tested for. But it has put my life on hold which I hate the most :(


Yeah it has for me too. I think it's muscular related but I'm not sure. It's pretty scary either way. Hopefully we can figure this out cause it sucks


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