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Strange feeling?

I can't put into words how weird I have been feeling all day, I just know that it isn't pleasant, is quite concerning and has me feeling a little scared. I'm assuming it is anxiety related, as this is often what this type of symptom is categorised as, by g.p.'s

Be good to hear how others cope? Or if other people can relate, even if it just shows me that I'm not alone?

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Hi chelle1,  first of all  you are not alone in feeling this way.  When anxiety takes grip, it can be very scary.  Have you been to your G.P. ?   That's a good start.  Your doctor would be the best one to advise you as to how he wants to approach your symptoms.  Being medication, therapy etc.   Once he does we are here to support each other.  Nice to meet you, hope we can help. 


Hi Agora1 I have been to my g.p several times, but all they seem to want to do is increase antidepressants. I have also been on a waiting list for over 3 years for Counselling/Psychotherapy, almost given up hope of ever getting any help with that.

Anyway, thank you, and it's nice to meet you too..


Hi chelle1,   that must be very frustrating.  It's too bad the wait list is so long for therapy.  Taking pills is just a bandage effect and you need the therapy to go along with it.  Where are you on the wait list?  


God only knows where I am, every time I ask about it, all I get is you'll have to wait!!  


Your not alone I've been feeling like that all day myself some days are good some are the worst like right now I don't know if its indigestion I'm having or a heart attack I have one hand on my keep board and the other on the phone to dial 911!!!


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