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Advice on medication

So after being anxiety free for 5 years I have relapsed and all the sympthoms have come back with more in its ten fold! Obsessive/intrusive thoughts being the worst. Feels like I'm living in my head and can connect with reality. Ugh. 

I can't focus on my work at all and I want to get rid of this bout as fast as possible. I spoke to my doc today about everything that's been going on and she recommended that I start a course of Zoloft. However I'm not too sure if I want to start meds or not ?

I know they can work tremendously but I don't want to become dependant on anything either ? I have beaten anxiety before and I know I can do it again it's just that it can be a really lengthly process and I just want to get back to my old self again as soon as ... 

Peoples thoughts, opinions and personal expeiriences would be greatly appreciated ! :) 

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I personally am not one for taking meds , I do however have a meds fear which no doubt contributes to my decision , however I know for some they can be a life saver and you don't have to get independent on them when you are feeling well you can always come of them again which lot's do but I think it is a personal choice and we have to do what is best for us , if we get to the stage where nothing is working then meds might be needed but trying other things to help first can work :-)

Have you asked about therapy , this really helps so many :-)

Hope you decide what is best for you and remember you can always change your mind at a later date so no pressure

Take Care x


Like Bounce, I too have a med fear (recreation drug use gives me panic attacks) so I don't take any for my anxiety. What makes sense to me is to find what's causing it and fix that problem. When I had panic disorder 2 years ago I had no idea why i was getting panic attacks. I felt fine, even happy just before my first panic attack. It was later through therapy I found out that it's my body telling me that I'm stressed and need to fix my life situation. Once I changed the things in my life I needed to it got much better.


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