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Lost everything

About a week ago my girlfriend of 7 years moved out of our recently purchased house. She is living with her mother and says she is done for good. We have a 4 year old daughter and I feel like I have let down everyone. We had communication issues that I thought we could work out, came home to an empty house to find out it was too late. I have offered to do anything including get help to no avail. I feel the only thing keeping me going was the hope I could fix this relationship. Now the truth is starting to set in and I'm having trouble coping. Each day feels like an eternity, I try to think positive but the empty feelings just take over. Not sure what I'm looking for I'm just looking for a place to vent and share these feelings. I have almost no friends and am stuck alone in this house. I used to think I would never have a panic attack, well I found out the hard way they can happen to anyone. I know this will get easier with time but as of now I've lost the 2 most important people in my life and I'm at rock bottom. Any advice would be appreciated, Ive seen people go through these types of things I just never pictured myself on the receiving end.

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Njp26, I am so sorry.  I understand what a lost this is for you.  Life can be cruel at times.  This certainly is grounds for anxiety to sneak in.  I am glad that you found this forum for support and understanding.  Please come on anytime and gather the advice of others going through the same thing.  We all care about each other. 


Brother I am in tears cause it happened to me.....  My ex and her daughter left and I'm devastated......  I had PTSD.....  Its not turned in to panic disorder because I lost them....  I lost friends, I lost my Dad......

I'm alone at 30 and I feel your pain so much man......  I thought hey there is tomorrow But there wasn't a tomorrow......  

My friend you have a daughter and I don't, you have more than me......  She can't keep you from your child....  My ex's daughter I raised from birth until 6 years old.....

I'm a wreck friend so you are not alone


American_army_guy,  I am sorry you also have lost people  you love.  I hope that both you and Njp26 will give each other the support  you need, sharing the loss that only someone else who has gone through this will understand. Of course, the forum will also be here, a place of comfort and caring. 

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