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ar that comes and goes

Ear Fullness 

For the past two years, I have been dealing with a full right that came out of nowhere. I started with both but has been pretty much my right ear. I have had every possible ear test only to be told nothing is wrong with the ear itself. For the second time, Im being asked about anxiety and stress which oh yes I am. The world on my shoulder, management and always worrying. Could it be??  It can stay a week or two or three and just go away. Then comes back.   Messes with the hearing and changes sound. tingling in my fingers at times. Funny thing is it always calms down when we go out and I have a drink or two. Can anxiety or stress really cause this. If so anyone out there in the ballpark with me? they want me to try an anxiety medication which i did. It went completely away for these first two weeks and no it has come back the last day or two. Does this need time??    Thank You

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I had this for years. Eventually diagnosed with vestibular migraine when I started getting really dizzy with it too. So prevention is looking at possible triggers etc. Meds if it gets really out of control. Mine used to get a lot worse every May which I put down to the rape being in flower. 

Good luck. I know how this can drive you mad!!! 

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Do you grind or clench your teeth with the stress?  Inflammation can absolutely lead to trouble with the ears and affect nerves enough to cause tingling in your arms/fingers. I've been dealing with it for four years. My acupuncturist is the one who finally figured out it was a combination of some food sensitivities and digestive issues causing inflammation and my TMJ to be severe. It's like the pressure is trying to get out by the ears. This was causing me horrible migraines too. The ear fullness, especially the right ear. My right ear would even fill up with wax so bad it would become plugged. I too saw ENT doctors & they could never find anything wrong with my ears. In fact I saw about everything specialist you could imagine including an allergy doctor. They only test for the kind of allergies that can kill you. It wasn't until this acupuncturist had me tested for sensitivities (IgG) that they were discovered. Dairy, sugar, and tree nuts were removed from my diet and the results have been dramatic. She also does acupuncture on my jaw joints and my ears which provides amazing relief.  I am almost symptom free now. If I get stressed I massage my jaw joints and the acupressure point for TMJ in my ear. It literally stops the ear fullness and the migraines. The tingling in my arms and fingers have been completely gone for a while now. My right eye would even hurt sometimes (again pressure trying to find a way out). 

Good luck to you!

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