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anxiety depression taking over my life

I don't know what to do any more rally feel alone in this I cant get no help from medication as iam 6 weeks pregnant its been so hard I been bleeding for almost one week so far no more blood it was not a lot and I was not in pain iam having a 6 week scan in 3 days to see what's going on and if baby is ok  it really picked up my anxiety and depression in this pregnancy it all started really when the bleeding was happening

I feel like I cant cope its like iam screaming for help I feel like iam losing I want my old self back not lose my self to this :( :( :(  

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I feel for you it must be a very anxious time and no wonder your anxiety has soared most women's would do if they suffered with anxiety or not 

Now this happens to a lot of women during pregnancy but everything goes smoothly and there is no reason especially as it seems to have stopped that the rest of this pregnancy will be fine for you to :-)

Tell yourself how you are feeling is hormones , stress  and your anxiety resulting in feeling depressed but quiet normal for someone dealing with something like you are and it will pass as things calm down and it will :-)

You have to take the best care of yourself you possibly can , you are doing all you can and there is nothing more you can do except really look after you , you are the most important person in your life at the moment :-)

Please let us know how things go especially when you have had your scan 

Take Care x

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thank you and will let everyone know how the scan has gone x

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hang in there...listen, dont get ahead of yourself. one moment at a time and u need to tell yourself that everything will be ok. breath long breaths and slowly out five or six times. anxiety does not go away quickly, it takes time so you need to be patient. All will happen if its meant to be. Keep telling yourself this since as a father, I have been through this with my wife. You will be ok! Breath and stop thinking the worse.

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thank u


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