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Anxiety and Celiac

So I have been struggling with November with anxiety. Turns out I have celiac disease. 

I am still seeing a psychologist because I can manage the gluten, but this anxiety is destroying me. 

I was doing ok but the last couple weeks I will just be sitting there and I feel like I am being constricted. My right face is stiff and my right neck is right and I feel twitches which sets off my health anxiety. 

I was managing my anxiety, I really was but it has been so strange. This face stiffness is so strange. 

I went to the doctor today and he thinks the celiac is robbing me of b vitamins. I kind of get that but the suffocation and constriction is the worst part. 

Does anyone else deal with this? I need some help.

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Sounds like muscle tension your tensing so hard that you get the feeling of being constricted and stiff. Try to imagine when you think a ball is about to hit you you stiffen up your body in defense and any other scary situation. Look up guided muscle relaxation On YouTube and take warm or hot baths with Epsom salts and lavender these will help to relax you also vigorous exercise to get your body tired so it relaxes.

Hope you feel better soon 


Hey! I'm really interested in hearing about your experience. Did you have gastrointestinal symptoms or was the anxiety/tension the chief manifestation of celiac? Have you tried had B12/B6 injections? (good when your gut is messed up)


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