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Hey guys ...well I've been doing fine I have better days than bad days now (thank god ) but I feel my Heath anxiety creeping up on me again . I'm starting to believe I have blood circulation problems or a blood clot or something . :( it's awful and o started feeling some pain on my left arm and hand . Ughhhhhh I keep trying to tell myself it's just my mind playing tricks on me but it gets hard sometimes 🙁 Does this happen to anyone ? I'm im good health . I've been cleared by a cardiologist by my pt and I've been to the emergency room too . Could this possibly realt be just anxiety ? This really blows 


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  • Zoemyselene,  it can and probably is your anxiety playing it's mind game.  You've heard of the "mind/body connection"?  Well this is what is happening.  Your mind is telling you that you have a circulation problem or blood clot and your body is reacting to that suggestion with left arm/hand pain.   Try to remind yourself that you are in good health, have been cleared by your cardiologist, pt as well as the emergency room.  I hope you do better soon.   xx

  • Happens to me a lot! I even told my GP last week and asked for suggestions on how to handle it...her response...I can give you a pill to slow down your heart! Really....I just told her I suffer from health anxiety and she wants to slow my heart down with a pill (not happening) I want to live! 

  • That was the first reaction I got too.... They don't always tell you that it also lowers your blood pressure, which causes dizziness, exhaustion, shaking, and a whole lot of other (just as upsetting) issues.  My cardiologist suggested just telling my heart that it works for me, so slow down already.  He reminded me that I've lived through many of these episodes before so why would this one be different?

    Now to believe this isn't some new issue & it's all good :-)

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