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Help with Xanax?

Hey to everyone I'm new to the forum a little background on me I was diagnosed with atrial flutters back in November and since than I've had major health anxiety and panic attacks. I did have surgery two months ago which so far has fixed my arrhythmias however my anxiety still haunts me day in and day out. I was put on .25 mg of Xanax back in November I'm up to 1mg a day sometimes a little more I feel like I can't stop taking it. I can't even go a full day at work without having a panic attack and immediately need to take a Xanax I want to stop taking medication but I'm afraid my body is already addicted. Anyways if there's is anyone out there who has been in a similar situation or has been able to subside there anxiety and not take any meds I'm asking for your advice I really want my life back and I want to be able to be a good mother without constantly thinking I'm going to die any minute. 

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Hi Jadezmommy123,  welcome to the anxiety forum.   I was on  0.25mg of Xanax daily for 30 years. (yes 30)  I didn't know at the time that you get dependent on this drug. Started with 1/2 a pill which my doctor said was so low it wouldn't hurt.  After a while I had to go up to the whole 0.25mg and then whenever needed for my migraines.  After 30 years, I started feeling that something was wrong.  I had become dependent on Xanax.  I thought I had lost a good friend but yet I was angry that I wasn't told this could happen.  Through the help of a Addiction support group and my psychiatrist, I used the Dr. Ashton Method for getting off Benzos.  It was a slow weaning process that took me 2 years to complete.  It has now been another 2 years that I am off all Benzos.  I couldn't believe how clear everything seemed in life.  I could think better and my brain felt alive again.  I wish I could tell  you that getting off benzos took away all the anxiety.  It's different now, no more panic attacks but the daily free floating anxiety is still there but that has to do with my life situation.  In place of a pill, I now use meditation and deep breathing every single day.  I've learned how to take stress apart, analyze it so that I know how to control it.  I realize more than ever that a pill was not the answer but a band aid while learning other techniques.  I wish someone would have told me 29 years earlier.  I wish you well.  x


Hi there

I am relatively new to the forum as well =)

I think Agora1 said it best but it will take a bit of time to taper off of Xanax. I've been on .4mg (3 times a day) for about 4 years now. I think it is the same with any other drug, but after a while your body will build a tolerance towards the drug, so you need a higher dosage to feel any effects. Now Xanax has no effect on me. It doesn't really help me when I have a panic attack, but I feel physically ill if I don't take it regularly.

My previous doctor kept giving me Xanax like candy, so I switched doctors to someone who will help me get off the medication. This was a very good decision. I work on exercise and eating habits which play a major role in preventing anxiety and panic attacks.

My advice would be for you to find a doctor who is willing to help you taper off Xanax without the help of other drugs (like Xoloft for example).

In the mean time, here are 2 things that helped me significantly :

1. Eat Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Panic attacks are likely to occur when your blood sugar level goes down. Eating food helps keep the blood sugar level at the right level. Nuts, Cheese and bananas are really good. Avoid sweets as it will make your blood sugar sky rocket then plummet which may cause a panic attack.

2. Try cardio workout like running at least once a week. Exercise gets your body used to stress and will likely help you fight off your next panic attack.

Im still fighting this addiction, but seeing those left over pills at the end of the month (the ones I did not take) gives me confidence to keep fighting.

Good luck!


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