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Eating and drinking

Does anybody struggle to eat and drink as it make them av panic attacks? I've lost my apertite as when I eat I think I'm going to have a big panic attack like I did Friday and Saturday night. Went work tonight and was awful, I work in a pub and at first it was quite busy and at the moment I hate a lot of people around me,its hard enough forcing myself out of the house. I'm trying to get in early at the doctors tomorrow instead of tuesdsy, I want to start sorting this horrible feeling out X 

I would not wish this feeling on anybody 😒 I'm constantly tired, I had an ok sleep last night, I slept this morning and at dinner and I'm still so tired xx

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Hi Mel,  you are more than still recuperating from the outcome of the birthday party. I hope you get that early appointment with the doctor tomorrow.  Maybe you will get some answers so that you can start looking forward.  I certainly know how scary it can be to live with anxiety.  I wish you better days ahead.  xx


Yes I also struggle to eat and drink when I eat especially my heart races and I then have a panic attack it's got so bad I just dread eating to the point I hardly eat anything for fear of having an attack 😔 I hope you get an answer as to why this happens I've asked my doctor but he's no clue only that he could offer me antacids, I'm not sure why as it doesn't seems to be anything like reflux or a gastric problem xx


I get "panic attacks " after eating sometimes.  I started to keep a journal of everything I ate.  Even if it was just one bite of something or a sip of a beverage.  After, some time I noticed a pattern.  When I ate certain foods, within 10 to 30 minutes, my stomach would bloat, have severe nausea, heart would start palpatating and feel super dizzy.  I never thought in a million years that what I ate was causing my problems.  Right now I  am gluten free, dairy free, no eggs, no nuts, and especially anything fermented.  Hope you feel better soon.

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I've forced myself to eat, I don't always finish my plate, but Ive been trying to hide my attacks from my boyfriend, and so at breakfast and dinner there we are eating and I'll always be last at the table so I can get rid of what I couldn't finish. It's a challenge hiding panic attacks from people, especially when your in the middle of one and your bf is trying to be a playful jerk. I'll be it he couldn't tell so I guess I've gotten better. 


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