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My throat always feels awful, and there's a lump always I always thought it was a tumour, but that's me overthinking I'm just so scared, just I got tested like a swallow barium and a us scan but I'm still feeling this and feeling really upset because I think I'm gonna stop breathing and death scares so much, but it just like from my throat onwards it just doesn't like get air in at all 💔 


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  • Hi Shiann123,   I've been through the barium swallow scan twice because of that annoying "lump feeling" in my throat.  Both times it was diagnosed as anxiety.  That is one of symptoms anxiety prone people get.  Does your doctor feel you need additional tests?  If not, you may have to accept the fact that it is the muscles in your throat tightening from anxiety.  You may have to try to ignore it and use relaxation techniques to quiet the spasm down.  I wish you well..... 

  • You speak such wise words, it's just so hard, I wish I were strong and thought like you sometimes i just feel in a mess, I just lye in my bed while I feel like this I'm only  17💔

  • Oh Shiann123,  I didn't realize  you were so young.  It must be more than difficult for you to handle anxiety when your friends may not understand.  Is it possible to have some therapy with your Health Anxiety issues?   Some things just need to be unlearned or to find out what causes you to worry about your health.  It's not always on the surface and may be something that prompted your anxiety to grow.  I hope you find some help.  Please by all means keep coming to the forum.  There are many caring people who understand and will help you in the right direction.  Keeping you in my thoughts  x

  • You are very mature and brave for 17! Congrats too for sharing here. It may not feel like it is "curing" you, but to share what you are feeling is part of the healing. I have had that tension in my throat for decades!! Something very traumatic happened to me as an infant and the fear got really strong. I think this kind of tension comes possibly from a trauma that you may or not remember. Tension like this is actually trying to protect us from feeling overwhelming feelings. You have to be very kind to yourself and seek help from others (ie counselors) who can support you and nurture you.

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