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Itchy back?

So about 5/6 weeks ago, my back started to itch, around the left shoulder blade area, thought nothing of it until 2 weeks ago when the itching got so annoying I looked to see what was there!

Nothing......but it is next to a Mole, so I worried for a week that it was the mole that was itching not next to it! Went to see a doctor and she said all looks ok, she said I have nothing to worry about.

Hoped that would be it , but area around/on mole still itches!

The mole hasn't changed at all in years or in the last 5 weeks and my wife has said it looks the same as always (flat, one colour, no bigger that a pencil end, no scab or flake or bleeding). But my anxiety is telling me its serious, why would this area near a mole itch if everything was ok? what if its itching because its the early sign?

I've booked to go to the Docs again tomorrow but I don't know what else to do.

I was on tablets for anxiety and have been off them for 1year and was doing really well until the last few years but this time I'm so sure this itch is not normal

I should note that my friend did die last year of Skin Cancer as he left it very late to get checked out, so I've seen what it can do to you.


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