Hi guys, started on Sertraline 50mgs just over 2 weeks ago, seems to have taken then edge off the anxiety but not much more at the moment. Does anybody have any idea on how long it should be to get the full effect from the medication? Also, sitting quite relaxed and get a palpitation out of nowhere, cardiac investigations all normal so am slightly re-assured, does this happen to anyone else? Reassurance would be much appreciated x 


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  • Yes . I'm. Also on setraline 50mg... and yes I still get symptoms.  It's crap but I try keep.busy and not over think every little twinge xx 

  • The side effects to this med was awful

     I am on 25mg at bedtime its been two weeks and I am finally starting to feel better as of yesturday:) 

  • I had some heightened anxiety for a few days but that settled, not really having any trouble with side effects at the moment. Guess I just have to be patient with it and give it time. Thank you for your reply x 

  • Hey it took aleast 6, 7 weeks for me to feel any kind of difference on 50mg so I was then put on 100mg of sertaline its been about 3 months and im just starting to feel abit more calm sort of, well they take the edge of my anxiety and makes it more managable but anxiety never goes away.. 

  • I have been on it for a year now increased from 50mg 150mg which works.  Well I thought I would play doctor and take myself off.  BIG MISTAKE.  All the bad lucid dreams came back (I cant explain what mine were like before, but they were still there).  Put myself back on 150mg.  If 50mg works to take the edge off DON't take more.  Hope this helps 

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