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I still don't know what's going on

I've been getting better, but very recently it's been coming back. I get very slight stomachs aches but I can barely feel them. Sometimes my left shoulder will hurt. I sometimes get side aches and feel like I'm sucking in my stomache when I don't think I am. I think of suicidal actions but I stop that immediately. So it's gone but the worry stays. I'm in tears right now and I want to go to the doctor and get a check up. But I just went to the doctor and little while ago and I don't want to ask my mom because she will say it's fine, "just over reacting". I'm scared for my life still and sometimes I think it's gotten worse because of the symptoms. I still can't breathe well. I want help bad. Very badly and I need it. I read of my favorite celebrities dealing with this stuff and how they got through it and it comforts me a little but then brings me to tears. Please, I just want to be okay and all of it to go away. If anyone can help me , please do. 

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Hi dear.  out of all the symptoms of anxiety that you are experiencing, the one that

concerns me the most is thinking of suicidal actions.  Even if you stop the thought

immediately, something must be bothering you that  gets you to that point.  It sounds like you suffer from health anxiety as well.   Have you ever had any therapy to deal with your fears.  I think once your doctor says you're okay, it would be a good idea to talk about your stressors.   You sound young and I know how scary this is, but you should be enjoying your life with friends.  These are the best years.  Are you on any medication?  If not, there are other ways you can control these anxious moments with therapy.  Again the most important one that needs to be addressed is self harm thoughts.   I wish you well.  Keep using this forum, there are a lot of wonderful, caring people who will help support you.   x


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