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Usually i know

Been having trouble with getting down fluids again usually i know what starts it but this time I haven't eaten or drank anything that could cause this burning. I have been sick all night just had few hours woke up stiff all all over. Feeling a bit stressed and over thinking things. I think some times that someone is putting bleach in my milk or even the capsules i take. I know thats being paranoid but I cant think why else I feel burning down my throat. I know my son would never do that I am far to good to him and this illness prevents me from going outside specially when its hot so it is something physical.  So fed up I really am fed up to the back teeth.

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I'm sorry to hear how you are feeling, Dodo.  It must be terrible.   I could imagine you feeling stiff all over with not sleeping.  Your body needs that restoration time to heal. It must be scary to feel as if there is bleach in your milk or capsules. But I understand when you can't find a reason for feeling that burn down your throat.    So you are having hot weather over there?   By something physical you mean it's not your anxiety. I think you're right.  Are you due for a doctor appointment?  Or the nurse?  It might be the time to have it checked out.  Maybe they can give you a reason you are burning so bad. 


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