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Hi been suffering from horrible health anxiety and stress for 2 months now which is heightened when I leave this house or go to supermarkets or busy places my breathing becomes shallow and feel v lightheaded any advice doctor has prescribed citrapalatam 10mg but v nervous to take it because of side effects nice to meet you any help or advice welcomed !!

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Hi there X I suffer with health anxiety too and have been exactly like you feel, but trying to convince yourself that all these awful symptoms are all in your head and it's your body reacting to it is a battle in its self X I am on citralopram, I take 20mg and with all tablets there are side effects X I felt low and crying and a little sick but after three weeks they subsided, I've been on them two months and feel really well X everyone is different, some have side effects some don't but try them and see how you go X you have nothing to lose by giving them a go X good luck and keep strong x

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Thanks for replying I am trying so hard to not take them and break this anxious state I wake up with horrible butterflies every morning any tips on how to stop them I hope your feeling well today x


Hi X it's so so hard I know but because it's anxiety it's your body reacting to your mind because you are worked up X I know it's easier said than done but try to deep breath and relax X I've suffered with anxiety, health anxiety, stress, depression for 20 years now and sometimes I wake up exactly the same X I try to take my mind off things and try and get on with the day and if I can put it out of my mind and occupy myself I find the symptoms do ease X But I do need my tablets and the citralopram has helped me. It's your choice if you do not want to take them and I understand you are anxious about the possible side effects but they do help X I know exactly what you are going through and it's an awful condition X stay strong and try and kick it's ass 😊


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