Any one born with bipolar that work?

Ive recently been diagnosed but have been the same since i was born. Ive managed to work throughout my life. Not continuously but have had an amazing and slightly mad family so i was able to fall back and bounce back up when i was well and it wasnt noticed. Until now because i have to live away from the family home on my own. But am back on my feet working a high paced skillful and well paid engineering job. All i hear about my condition is how it debilatates people. Dont get me wrong, i really do suffer from this illness and have tried to kill myself numerous times when ive fell but did so for so long in a society that didnt recognise mental health that i became the best actor in the world so was able to socialise and handle alot of stressful situations even potentially agressive situations just like everyone else would. But i am no warrior and there must be other people who still manage to funtion in some sort of way with bipolar because i cant be the only one....

Peace x


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