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Almost made it!

All today I was doing great. I did great keeping my mind distracted but the moment I got in bed I have been unable to sleep due to attacks. I read a book until I almost fell asleep but when I put it down, it all came back. I've been in bed for two hours feeling tired and ready to sleep but attacks just come because I start thinking about it and then I get worried. I can't breathe at all very well and again, I don't know it that's from asthma or not. I know I need sleep. Yesterday I had 3 big attacks and stayed up till 1 unable to sleep. It's now midnight already and I still can't sleep but I'm exhausted. The problem is the thoughts. I try making up scenarios that I like because that always gets me occupied but it's not working AT ALL. I can still feel it just crawling out util it absorbs all of me for a few horrifying minutes when I fear for my life. I know it's all in my head but it doesn't really help. Can any of you guys give me ideas to think about??? 

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Update: I've finally ban able to drown if out but every once in a while I'll be half asleep and dream/think I'm falling f or something and jerk awake. Usually in have one like know a month but I've had two tonight. Is that bad???


Hi,  There is no bad or good.....right or wrong  as to how many times

you may get an anxiety attack.   You mentioned wanting to know what

to think about to reduce your anxiety and fall asleep.  At a time like that,

you really would have trouble coming up with something  because your

mind is chattering away.  What would work better is you turning on a

relaxation tape, make sure the room is cool and dimly lit or dark.  Turn

on the tape and listen to what that person suggests in relaxing you.

Your mind will divert to what they are saying and it will be so much more

productive then you trying to quiet your mind.  While listening, do the

deep breathing.  Hopefully you will fall asleep before the tape is over.

One more thing is that 2 hours of lying there trying to sleep is too long.

You need to get up for a few minutes, walk around, if you want to read

do it somewhere other than your bed.  As you get sleepy, then go up to

your room, turn the tape on, get comfy and start listening and breathing.

Wishing you a good night of zzzzzz.    x

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