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Hi, I'm new to this sort of thing so here goes I've been suffering from severe health aniexty for the last 7 years, it all started with my mum passing away from the dreaded C word, it got that bad I can't even bring myself to say it, every ache and pain I think C word, I have hot sweats heart palpitations, and cannot stay off Dr Google, I will visit my GP, but only as a last resort I get myself so stressed out by the time I get in the doctors office I'm shaking, I see the same doctor, everytime an he diagnosed me with health aniexty, I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts, but all I want is reasurance , and most of the time its all in my head, but my imagination starts to go wild .....please if anyone has any kind words I'm willing to hear them.

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Hi Vgrady,   I'm sorry about the passing of your mother.  It's one of life's biggest

stressors when losing a parent.  I lost my mother 6 years ago.  One minute she

had done well with hip surgery and the next moment she was gone when she

didn't come out of the anesthetic.  I was crushed, angry with the doctors and

lost.  That's when I also went into severe anxiety which turned into agoraphobia.

I've become afraid and mistrusting to go to doctors.  I assure you in time you

will start to let go of your grief and in doing that let go of your fear of the C word.

Life must go on and I'm sure your mum would have wanted that for you. xx

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Thankyou for your reply, hopefully I will shake off my aniexty, but it will take a little more time, I just think about the C word everyday its consuming my life.........My doctor thinks I would benefit from  some therapy , I think he's right I defo need to talk to somebody who understands, I'm a fit and healthy female...........why am I thinking something bad is going to happen to me all the time..........


So sorry to hear about your mum as well, somebody once said to me after my mum passed away, you never forgot them, you only learn to live with is so true!

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