Lightheaded/balance problems 24/7 for almost 4 weeks ...floating while sitting or laying , feel like being pushed from the back

I had my first panic attack in November and it went downhill from there I have had so many feelings and have been on 3 different medications for anxiety but none worked ... the last medication I was on was lexapro , I was on for 7 weeks I was dizzy all the time from it , they kept messing with my doses until finally taking me off ... I was off for 5 weeks and about 3 weeks into that I just got a huge feeling of depersonalization and went down hill from there.... I was so lightheaded and felt drunk I staggered into the ER and felt like I was going to die .. The only thing they found was slightly low potassium but not enough to make me feel this way .... I have also have had 6 ekgs , 24 hour holter , stress / echo, echocardiogram, and today is my last day with a 30 day event monitor on, also I have been to an ent and they said everything looked good, I have had tons of blood work, Mri of the brain , nuerologist also my thyroid was checked ..... I have been feeling this way for almost 4 weeks , I seen a  psychiatrist and questioned if it could have been withdrawls from the lexapro and he said no because I was only on it for 7 weeks and the last 3 weeks of that I was on 5 mg , he said anxiety ... And here I go again trying another med for anxiety , I have noticed it has lifted a bit but not much , lets just say I can move from the couch for 5 mins at a time , where the first 3 weeks I never moved unless it was to go to the bathroom .... Has anyone been through this? I hate living like this , I have twins I need to get back too 😭


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  • I also have palpitations , have had them since 16 had 500 skips then and now I have 92 . I can't grasp that when these happen they won't hurt me ..I feel like something is wrong ... I am 27 by the way !! Any advice would be helpful 

  • My doctor tries to "reassure" me that they are harmless, but I just get more worried that he's not taking me seriously

  • Hi I feel ill every single day. My breathing always seems to be off. It will be fine & then I have to take deep breaths or constantly yawn to make myself feel better. Also I get a lot of muscle aches, especially in the back of my neck. I get horrible horrible fatigue. It makes me completely depressed. I went had an EKG chest X-ray blood work & urine test done they found nothing. My doctor said my blood pressure was a little low but other then that I'm pretty healthy. Well I don't feel healthy. I was convinced I had cancer would cry every other day. I also have a daughter so I need to get back on track. My relationship is suffering from this crap. I was prescribed celexa but haven't taken it yet because I didn't want to be on medication. I'm gonna get another opinion. Just to be on the safe side. I wish you luck & hope things get better for you. 😊

  • I'm sorry I wish the best for you as well!! I didn't want to be on medicine either but I wasn't getting any better on my own 😞

  • I have been light headed for the past 3 weeks and have had a headache. I went to the doctor last Thursday and they said it sounds like a tension headache. I hate the lightheaded feeling it's like you feel like you can loose control and pass out. I just took a shower and knowing that I had to take a shower and have that what if feeling I had to wash fast and get out. I know it's aniexty I take oxyzepam for anxiety and it works great. You can only take it when needed cause it's addictive. 

  • What kind of lightheadedness are you experiencing? What does it feel like ? Is it 24/7 from the time you wake up til you go to bed? And I get the same way when I shower 😞 Even if I stand long it's hard 

  • It feels like a tight band around my head I have it still abit now but now as bad as I took one of my pills for aniexty I don't really have the what if feeling anymore. Oxyzepam is great for aniexty have taken that when needed for 14 years plus I take Wellbutrin everyday. And Yes from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed pretty much. This afternoon was a good day until I knew I had to shower.....its very annoying

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