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Have you had these symptoms from anxiety?

For the past month I have had the strangest symptoms and have been told by every doctor I have seen that it is anxiety. Blood work, ct scan, and Mri of brain and cervical spine have all Coke back fine. Here are my symptoms and wanted to see if anyone else has expirancing these. I have them 24/7 and haven't felt like my normal self in a while.

Feel like I can't feel my body

Decreased sensitivity to pain

Dull tastebuds

Dull/numb feeling over entire body


Fast heart beat

Constant feeling of death

Weird swollen feeling in tounge

Can't feel my heart beating at all even when I exercise

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Does anyone know the effectiveness of Duloxetine?

And it's side effects?

It will be good to know?


you can get some thing for this off your docter go and see him


Dullness, decreased sensitivity ( in my case it's heightened sensitivity) tongue feeling strange, weird disconnected feeling from my body, and an overall feeling that something inside me is wrong and that I'm dying or have a disease that can't be found. I've had the blood work, mri, CT scan, met with my doctor, went to ER twice, went to urgent care, went to minute care...have a heart appt next week...but so far all I've heard is anxiety. Anxiety is a bitch, it causes all sorts of crap. Its likely that my heart is fine too, but I'm checking just so I can accept that I have anxiety problems. I've had an ekg, but not a stress test or cross my fingers in healthy and I can get over my anxiety.

Your path sounds similar to mine. I also obsesiively bsearch the internet for answers. Every new pain freaks me out. I'm scared all the time and nervous. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find some peace

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I have a few of your symptoms, the tongue that feels swollen, sometimes I can't even move it like it's paralyzed, even shewing makes my tongue hurt. I am often light headed, dizzy, lose my balance and sometimes so close to just pass out. my heart also acts funny with fluttering that goes up to my throat and other time I do not feel it beat at all. I have so many other symptoms that come and go for so many years that drive me insane with a constant obsession of diseases and a fear of dying. I can hear any little changes inside of my body, feel any little pain, see any new differences that occur on my body either it's physical or functional. I also have weird vision issues where I feel I can lose my sight at any time, I am aware of any little shadows or light changes, perceive any little instabilities of the artificial light which is totally insane and of course it raises my anxiety to the top with this irrational fear that I'm gonna go blind. For over 10 years I have had difficulty breathing, it started just like that all of the sudden. One morning as I was in my shower I just couldn't catch my breath and ended up crawling on the floor asking for help, paramedics came and took me to the ER, they never found anything wrong. Since then I was never able to breathe normally again and I am going through so many of these episodes of suffocation. I had all the tests you can think of done for lungs and heart and everything always come out normal. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panick attacks. Anxiety can cause the weirdest symptoms that often mimick symptoms of severe diseases like neuromuscular disorders and I know how frightening it is. The tricky part is that one symptom leads to fear, then we feed on this fear and it leads to other symptoms and before we know it we are taken in a spiral of obsessive thoughts of diseases and death and nothing can take our mind from it, it's a nightmare, a total hell.

If all your medical tests came up normal you should try to give yourself a little break and just accept that you're suffering from anxiety, your subconscious is just playing tricks on you. And please stop doing research on the net for your symptoms, it's going to make everything worse and cause more fear. Maybe make an appointment with a psychologist or a therapist to talk about what you're going through right now, maybe some changes in your life occurred lately that you didn't consciously processed or you're going through difficult time. Talking with someone can make a drastic improvement.

Good luck.

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