Ibs and anxiety

I have recently been going to a hypnotherapist to get to the bottom of my anxieties and ibs as doctors visits and hospital tests have indicated nothing serious and that all it is is anxiety and then the affect that has on the gut however whenever I'm nervous it hits me first in the stomach with churning and glugging and that then makes me panic as to if I am going to be ill and it is just a horrible circle I haven't panicked rally since my therapy but there are odd times when it does happen and I do try to control it but o am just curious to wether anyone gets the same churning feeling I also shake violently when I am panicking


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  • I get that too! Its a vicious circle. I worry about IBS which causes IBS. Try relaxation/ hypnotherapy apps or cd's. That helped me.

    CBT also helped when I focussed on all the positives - like the times i haven't experienced IBS or have coped well with it.


  • How's the hypnosis going? Do you feel that it's working at all? I want to go for hypnotherapy so would like know more

  • Hypnosis is brilliant I have a lovely lady quite local to me she has a lovely setting and we really focuses on my past and it really makes you think about the cause and usually how trivial the fear is, my lady worked on my fears eg my stomach being sick OCD tendencies all sorts of things she gave me things to calm down which really work I used to panic every single night now it's like once a month which is so brilliant definitely worth a try also very relaxing and just pleasant all round experience

  • Does hypnotherapy help I'm seeking this for my anxiety appreciate your views on tho thanks Mandy xx😊

  • Hypnosis definitely helped me a lot it is 100% worth a try and has really helped me control panic attacks in all situations she also looked deep into my past of causes and we looked into situations and she worked on fears with me and I felt so comfortable and like I could tell her anything, it's also really relaxing, not all people are susceptible to hypnosis but most will often do a free consultation to assess you hope this helps I think it's brilliant and I am only 17 xxx

  • Ty gonna give it a go, £50 per session but I'm desperate fed up of feeling like this everyday xx ty Mandy 😊

  • Are you taking a proton pump inhibitor for stomach issues? It can create, or make anxiety worse🤕

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