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same feelings need help?

`Hi Theris ,I just read your story and i am getting these same symptoms for over a year and a half.i also went to 4 Ent doctors did two CT scans MRI and didn't get any help as yet.i had drank coffee one morning and was in hospital for 2 days.there are some thing that i learn will trigger these doctor say i have an ears problems some say i have viral disease .I never pass out i work and drive but once i am standing i feel these symptoms if i am in bed it don"t bother me, i can't walk too far then then i feel to pass out..i am worried cause i live alone with my 5 years old son .If u get any help i love to know about it. I live in south america and still going to doctors and seeking help. Please if u get any help in box me at agladstone38

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