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I feel like theres something wrong with me


Since two weeks ago Ive been so worried about my health, It started when I went A&E at 3am because I thought I was having a heart attack but they checked my heart and said it was fine. Since that night I have been to doctors because I thought I had a brain tumour due to headaches and he said I haven't but i dont trust him so I wanted an MRI scan but I cant afford it, i then remembered that I have two lymph nodes that haven't fully gone down, Is this normal??? They're not swollen but I can feel them to an extent. Can you feel yours and let me know? Next week I have booked in an eye test and a blood test. It is really taking over my life. I just want to know if im ok so I can stop worrying, please help

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Hey there, we could be twins! I have suffered health anxiety for a long time! Doesn't matter what the GP says to me I will always worry myself sick over my symptoms. Remember you're not along and as for the lymph nodes, they are totally normal they usually appear larger when you're stressed, anxious or if you have a cold. Try not to worry yourself too much, I think you're okay medically it's just anxiety


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