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Not sure what to say

Hello I just joined today hoping to find people who understand my story. I have been dealing with this anxiety for almost 5 years it started after I had my last child . I wake up all night in pain all over and deathly scared of someone coming and hurting my family and this is all new I was never like this before and I also have back spasms and migraines that keep me in bed. I tried going to the doctor but they only see my weight issues but I have always been a big woman all of my life and healthy besides for asthma and now it socks I miss going out and hang out with with friends and family but I can't even get out of my house to enjoy the day God why me.

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😩 sorry your feeling this way, a lot of doctors blame weight for everything. Try going back for a second opinion, maybe you could try some therapy. I get so many aches and pains, worries all the time, and like you worry about my family getting hurt. X


I started with anxiety after my children and I found out there is a condition called postpartum anxiety. Could be what you are suffering its got something to do with hormones and giving birth the doctors normally call it postpartum depression but they are two different things because with postpartum anxiety you dont normally feel depressed. Hope this helps. X


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