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I hate feeling the way that I do... I am a shy person who is 51 and have being all my life with a low self esteem. I work with patients with mental health problems and I am supposed to talk to them to see if i can help. I hate talking to people for others to hear me, especially managers and other people who has being there much longer than myself because i am being judged .The company have moved me three times and I have to now keep trying to establish myself. I feel that I can't eat and drink two glasses of wine every night, the shifts are 12 hours which i hate. nearly every day I have to cope with the nerves plus I hate travelling by train.

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It is so typical when we have low self esteem as you know to think others are judging us and over the years I have thought well so what if they are what does that say about them ?

I think we worry so much about saying the right thing that it stops us been us and sharing what we have to offer with others and because of the way you feel and have most of your life I could imagine the people you care for you would be an asset as you will relate more than many others to how they feel in certain ways

I do understand I have felt the way you do but now I just speak from my own experiences and tell myself if by doing this helps someone then that is good and if not then I have done all I can because we cannot say what we think others want us to say as most of the time we are not even aware what that is , if this makes any sense

I know it is not easy but if you could only start believing in yourself because even if you feel others don't at least you will and that is all that matters

Is there any chance you could maybe look at different jobs ? again I know not easy as jobs are not easy but you have lots of experience to offer any employer

Have you opened up to anyone else how you feel , family , friends your Doctor maybe

You always have here where you can come and talk about how you feel & I hope it helps even if in a small way knowing that others understand :-)

Take Care x


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