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Depersonalization sufferer

Hi all I'm looking for a friend or two I'm a 35 year old mom of two boys and have for whatever reason been introduced to depersonalization and panic attacks it's been over past two years it's taking a very heavy toll on my life and my mind and body I have no family support just my two kids n boyfriend of 5 years I'm from Amherst mass I have a 7 month old beagle who's a lot of work so if you have a dog even better!im just looking for someone as honest,genuine and loyal as me also I'm very caring and loving I need a friend ....thanks

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Same - I think everyone needs someone just to listen and have a chat with - Im in a relationship but some things are easier said to people you don't know rather than our loved ones.


Hi I'm from ct I had dp after the birth of my 1st child it was so horrible. This was 31 yrs ago and what made it worse is that I didn't even realize it had a name I thought I was going crazy. After 9 months dr decided it was more than post part um depression and sent me to psychiatrist I had lots of talk therapy antidepressants and anti anxiety. After a while I gradually started feeling better until I was back to my old self. I hope your getting help and start feeling better. I cannot think of anything worse than those awful feelings.


I have a puppy too she's almost a year old


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