Yet again worrying

I'm back, everything was starting to go fine and it always seems to go down hill when I've bin drinking alcohol and getting hangovers I have hangovers for two days now and I never used to and it makes me worry that my body's lacking something cause of an illness or something and also I run my hand over my head and at the top back its raises abit the full top back of my head and my shit scared it's a tumour again:( and since yesterday after drinking I've had a on and off headache and it's worrying me I never get headaches my mums come down with a cold and got a headaches but I'm just not sure:( I've felt other heads and not yet found one like mine:(


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  • I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I was wondering where you were. Are you on any medication and drinking? Most meds for anxiety do not mix with alcohol. As for the shape of your head, since this has been going on for a while, maybe you should consider seeing a doctor who can explain what you are feeling. I hope you start feeling better soon. wishing you well.

  • No medication no and I dunno if it's normal like I've bin told not all skulls are perfectly round but it's just kicked D all my anxiety again I think it's bin like it for as long as I remember I just don't know keep thinking tumour:(

  • If it's any consolation, my adopted daughter has an actual large lump on the back side of her head on the right side. She was seen and tested by neurologists when she was very young. They couldn't even give an explanation for that except that it was begnine Saying it could have been from instruments used at time of birth. She is 26 now and it is not noticeable or known by anyone except myself and her. Things happen in life as long as it is checked out, you have to try and forget it.

    She had CT scans as well and everything is clear.

  • Hi, feeling any better regarding the hangover? As for the headache you mentioned that comes after drinking, it's because the body gets dehydrated from the liquor. After a night of partying, you need to make sure you drink a lot of water, it will help in cutting down on the off and on headaches. Wishing you well..

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