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Trying to get my oxycodone back under control


This may sound crazy but, I have do this on my own. What I mean on my own is with the help and guid-

ence from the community. My confidence in myself has been destroyed, ruined, worn down, call it what you want, by a number of physical problems that came about in the last three years. Yea my retirement

years / GOLDEN YEARS , right. I got Peripheral Neuropathy three years ago, arthritis in both knees two years past and Bakers Cysts behind my knees after that. Can't work, walk or go up & down stairs easily.

Oh yea, no strength in my left hand/arm. Eight operations on & on .Endless injections, MRIs,EKGs, etc. got

the idea. Forty years physical work. I'm worn out. So now is the time my love one takes advantage of my

weakness and it's a battle. I have to get this under control myself. Gotta. She says I can't so I gotta. I have a plan and I'll explain in my next post tomorrow. This is long enough. Please respond and tell me your thoughs.

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You sound very typical...your body isn't functioning like it did when you were young. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment that you have a lot of physical problems but it happens to a lot of people. Many people don't make it to retirement in good health. Many of us are on disability before retirement. We aren't promised great health until old age and we sure don't get it, do we?

We have to be grateful for what we DO have and learn to live and enjoy life the best we can. My husband retired early due to dementia and just died at age 67 from cancer. I'm disabled since 2000 and am now 59 yrs. of age. I'm glad I didn't plan for a perfect life because I'd surely be disappointed. I do my best to accept what I can't change and get the most enjoyment out of the life I do have. I have many blessings despite the drawbacks.

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