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Constant head pressure, dizzy spells, ear buzzing, fatigue, heavy head while concentrating, pulsating tingling numb sensation

I have been experiencing for 6 months after flu weird head pressure, pulsating tingling sensation in the left side of head and neck, behind hear, sometimes dull pulsating few sec pain in both ears, ear buzzing, lightheaded, dizzy spells, heavy head while concentration or walking, I gave up driving because of feeling as I am passing out during stops while driving, difficulty in shopping malls and supermarkets lightheaded and dizzy spells. My life has taken a turn - I had to quit my job as I was unable to perform multitasking due to dizziness, etc. I quit driving, spent time home most of the time.. I visited all doctors spent tons of money on tests, everything is normal - accept for the part of my thyroid gland having antibodies but hormon levels are wishin the range. My endocrinologist suggested taking hormones in order to try to lower the autoimmune response for my thyroid (hashimoto disease), which could be the reason for al my troubles. Please let me k ow if anyone had similar case as I am. I will appreciate your help tremendously!!

God bless.

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I feel the same way. I don't know what it is :(


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