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Iv suffered with anxiety for along time,lightheaded chest pain off balance this all started 22 year ago.iv been on all sorts of medication which helped a little and not for long.iv had all tests possible done and everything came back normal.iv started to realise that this is for life and never going away.can anyone tell if there going through the same problems as I am and is there a souloution or a fix

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Hi , I too have suffered for many years but I have longer better times between episodes! Have you read self help for nerves by Dr Clair weeks?? It's a tad old but I read and re read this I also right down symptoms so I know in the future whether I've experienced it or not ( time passes in a blur some weeks) I also paid to see a councillor (I know some cannot) but I was getting know where fast with the GP !! She the councillor was very good at explaining why I was experiencing the psychical symptoms which were in turn frightening me and causing more anxiety hence more symptoms ( the fear cycle ) anyway hope this helps and you have this sight too !


Hello. Is your light headedness constant?


Yes it is constant and been same for over 20 year


Hi Zach, my anxiety started 30 years ago. The feeling of lightheadedness, that off balance feeling continue to follow me. I too was on so many medications that didn't

do a thing. The fear was still there everyday. I decided to get off benzodiazepine meds. It's been close to 2 years off this medication. The fear is there but not as intense, my head is clearer and I'm not walking around like a zombie or sleeping all the time. My own psychiatrist told me that I will always have anxiety for the rest of my life. I hate it. I'm agoraphobic as well which is really getting to me in the last 6 years.

If I should find a fix or solution, I will shout it from the rooftops so that all who suffer

can finally find relief. Take care. Wishing you well.


Have you tried counselling or therapy alongside medication? CBT or something might help to break the cycle of anxiety and alleviate the physical symptoms as well as the emotional ones.

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