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Is it possibles on have minor panic attacks

These last couple of months have been hard I've bin up and down with anxiety thinking I'm getting better then it coming back again where I think there's something wrong with me health anxiety is horrible:/ I've lost weight from it and just always in fear last night walked to chippy and my breathing was bad and my heart was racing was fine when I got home then my heart was still beating fast which made me worry which beat faster and I really couldn't breath like really shallow breaths heart was pounding felt like every breath was gonna be my last I breathed into a bag and it started to go just wondering If it was a panic attack or not or in ill like the ones before that wasn't that bad was that a lead up to that? I don't know what to think

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I think what you are feeling is general anxiety don't be fooled by the word general, anxiety with out the panic attack feels horrible too all those symptoms you listed are symptoms of general anxiety..

Try not to give the symptoms power by being afraid of them (I know easier said then done) but for example if your heart is beating fast tell it to beat as fast as it can challenge it get excited by it and it will lose its power and go away trust me this works you need to practice though :))

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Yes, sounds like you are anxious. I get this often, doesn't always lead to a full on panic attack - I've had therapy and that has helped control those - but is still very unpleasant. All I can suggest is to get your coping strategies out and try not to worry. I know it's hard. Good luck.


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