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Health anxiety


I'm currently pregnant and when laying down on my back I find it very hard to breathe...which is normal (all my organs are shifting to make room for my growing baby)

I decided to google that specific symptom What did google bring up for me ? (Pregnancy induced heart failure)

I have never ever read the biggest heap of garbage in all my life. But if I had read this a year and a half ago I would have been straight up to A&E.

This is what scares people. Googling symptoms. I do believe the internet has completely ruined people. Giving people unnecessary panic attacks.

I remember googling all of my symptoms...apparently I have had two stokes...17 heart attacks...a brain tumour...

If you come away from Dr will notice a big change in yourself. That was my first ever step to beating health anxiety.

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I totally feel you! My health anxiety was at its worse December through to end of January, right up to the point where I hardly remember my Christmas, birthday or even what I learnt at university during that time. I was constantly googling symptoms, any niggle or pain and convinced myself I had ovarian cancer. I was terrified, got so bad that I was feeling "pain" that had no medical explanation. Went for a ultrasound, ovaries and uterus completely healthy, nothing wrong. From then on, I went onto my antidepressants and in the first two weeks I got worse, I was hallucinating I thought I had a brain tumour and all sorts then in the last 3 weeks I've been anxiety free, I no longer inspect my stools and urine, I don't have any of this "pain" I felt...I haven't googled anything for about 3 weeks too!! I would tell everyone STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE. IT IS THE DEVIL. :) I currently have a chest infection and if this was me two month ago, I would have diagnosed myself terminally ill with few months left because of lung cancer!

Happy days.

hinhan07 in reply to Hannahxox

Hannah :) same name as meeeeee :D

Honestly so glad you found your way through it !

My chistmases and birthdays were all ruined :(

I swear by not checking your honestly works. So Soooo happy for you. XXxX

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