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Terrible health anxiety...

Hello guys. I'm new here. So straight to the problems...I have this terrible health anxiety. Everytime something is wrong with me, i just go straight to google and all hell breaks loose after that. I start obsessing over the pain infinitely and it just gets worse and worse. The obsession is just there too but google makes it even worse. Sometimes i feel like i'm gonna die any second because what google told me. I have told myself countless times that I WILL NOT google and i know it worsens the symptoms but in the end it's gonna happen anyways, every single time. For Your information, I have been diagnosed with major depression disorder and anxiety disorder, also OCD. Probably more that i don't know about much. What should i do about my googling syndrome? Help me please :(

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Well first just know your not the only one. It gets the best of us to hit that search button and type in symptoms. But only thing i can say is try to resist. Even though I've tried myself. Not very successful then I get mad or heartbroken when I get on it and it tell me I what I don't want to know. Then I'm freaking out for days. I will say I went a whole 5 day stretch one time without going on Google and it helps. Lol. Keep telling yourself it's not worth the scare but if you mess up and go on there like I do then just already tell yourself what you can expect when getting on there. Which will atleast have you prepared to be afraid.


I know how you feel because I deal with the exact same thing. Just remember, your mind can and does play tricks on you. Your anxiety can create symptoms that simply aren't there. If you believe you have a brain tumor, you may find yourself dealing with daily headaches, shooting pains in the head, dizziness, and other very REAL symptoms that you physically can feel- but are entirely due to anxiety and stress. Then you go to google and type in "brain tumor symptoms" and every single one fits your criteria exactly. It is not easy to convince yourself that what you are feeling is a result of anxiety, because at the time it feels impossible to believe that. Remember that countless people end up in the Emergency Room under the impression that they are having a heart attack- with real pain, real difficulty breathing, etc. but in the end it is 100% an anxiety attack. Anxiety can create symptoms and pain that are not there. Often times when you stop obsessing and stressing, your symptoms slowly fade away. I know that this is a lot easier said than done. It is a difficult situation that you are dealing with but you can get through it you have that ability within yourself. I hope my answer is beneficial to you in some way

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Hi,i am going through exactly the same thing at the moment and every time i feel something i google and then i feel worse.i feel like im a prisoner in my own head,my thoughts overtake my logical mind and im constantly at the doctors.sometimes i feel like im losing my mind.xx


Me too it's like anxiety brainwashes you and that's all you do think!! it's all it wants you too think .the what ifs!! its such a hard battle in your head and trying to put a front on with family and friends because you've actually wore them out to the point they don't know what to say to you anymore x


Just don't do it at all... It becomes like a habit that's making u ill, put your focus elsewhere when your thinking I wanna Google this r that...?! Distract your thoughts and keep busy elsewhere


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